IMG_6267Alex Loskutov Violins offers violins, violas, and cellos for rent. Every instrument is set-up to the highest professional standards, making it easier and more enjoyable to practice and learn an instrument.


Rent-To-Own Policy: Alex Loskutov Violins will apply 100% of your first three months’ rent towards the purchase of the rented item, or toward the purchase of any other instrument or bow of equal or greater value. This offer applies only if that item is purchased immediately at the end of the first three-month rental period.

Every rental includes an instrument, bow, case, rosin, and a cleaning cloth.

If you choose to continue renting and then decide to purchase, we will credit you with 50% of all your cumulative rent towards the purchase of the rented item or towards the purchase of any other instrument or bow of equal or greater value.


Rental Renewals: All rentals will be automatically charged to the credit card number provided to us on the renewal date of the rental. Payment by check or cash must be made prior to the rental renewal date. It is your responsibility to get payment to us on time and to insure that the credit card you provided will be approved. Returned checks are subject to a $30 charge fee.


Required Credit Information: Alex Loskutov Violins requires each renter to provide the following information:

1. Driver’s License or official Government-issued ID
2. One valid credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)
3. Current home address (must match driver’s license or other ID
4. Phone number and email
5. Private music teacher’s name and phone number (if applicable)
6. Child’s school name, address, and school music teacher’s name (if applicable)